Silk Art -- Animal Cards

by Jessie Kroeck
  1. Class set of embroidery hoops with silk material. Leave about inch border.
  2. Liquid water-colors
  3. water based metallic resists
  4. nibs with oz. Squeeze bottles
  5. cards or pictures of animals (Medicine Cards or other Native American animal symbolism book for reference)
  6. phrases with Indian meanings for "animal medicine." Phrases can be displayed on poster board and a copy given to each student.
  7. 8 X 11 in. white paper with circle drawn -- use embroidery hoop as outline.
Day One:
  1. Students randomly pick one animal card or animal picture that "symbolizes" their animal medicine.
  2. Pass out paper. Students draw animal and write animal's "word" on paper. Go over in pen. Remember, no broken lines
Day Two:
  1. Can be done in groups: students put paper drawing under prepared silk hoop. While touching the silk with metal nib of the resist bottle draw or trace over the animal design and the animal word. Can use salt on background.
  2. After resist dries, students use liquid colors to paint animal.
Day Three:
  1. Display in frame of folded black construction paper with circle cut out. Use hoop as outline. Glue paper on another tagboard that also has hole cut out. Leave extra 1/4 in. boarder around top and sides of tagboard. Leave about 5 inches on bottom.
  2. Glue animal phrases on bottom of tagboard.


©   Deborah Padrick   2001