Bird Mask

by Paula Green
Second Grade
Guerneville School

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Focus: Sculpture is an art form is three-dimensional. Paper sculpture is three-dimensional artwork made from paper.

Studio Skills: Students will make symmetrical paper half masks and decorate them to look like bird faces.

Resources: Charts of birds, Native American raven mask (Northwest Coast)


Part I

Demonstrate how to cut a bird-face half mask ( see diagram). Fold 9"x12" paper in hadf to 9"x6". Snip a triangle from the bottom of the fold, so the mask will fit over the bridge of the nose. Punch a hole " in from the fold, just above the nose, to make a start fro cutting larger holes for the eyes. Then begin at the top to cut a diagonal line that will fold down to make a beak. Note that because you are cutting the folded paper, the finished shape will be symmetrical. Continue cutting around the edges of the mask to make feather over the eyes.The feather can extend to the top of the paper. At the unfolded side, cut a tab for attaching the ties.

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Continue cutting jagged feathers on the lower part of the mask around to the nose area. Reinforce the back of the side tabs with tape and punch holes for the ties. Show the students how to bend the beak down and forward to see how it will appear as a three-dimensional element of the mask.

Part II

Direct, one step at a time, as the students repeat the steps of the demonstration cutting. Encourage original creations.

Part III

When all the masks have been cut out students then use oil pastels to decorate the out surface using symmetrical designs.

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State Standard Level 2
Artistic Perception
1.0 Processing, Analyzing, and Responding to Sensory Information Through the Language and Skills Unique to the Visual Arts

Analyze Art Elements and Principles of Design

1.3 Identify the elements of art in objects in nature, the environment, and works of art, emphasizing line, color, shape/form, texture, and space.



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