Rain Sticks

by Jessie Kroeck
Materials: one paper towel roll per student, masking tape, t-pins, various kinds of dried beans, rice, popcorn, etc., strips of brown paper towels or newspapers, starch, brown tempra paint, pictures of Native symbols, various colors of acrylic paint

Day One:
  1. Students use masking tape to reinforce paper towels. Cover one side of the roll with masking tape.
  2. Stick pins in roll at various places in the roll
  3. Reinforce pins with tape
  4. Add beans, rice, etc. into roll. Experiment with sounds
  5. Tape other side closed

rainstick process
rainstick process

Day Two:
  1. Paper maché over rolls with strips of brown paper towels or newspaper. Be sure the strips are bent up like "wood"
  2. Set aside to dry outside
  3. Students use symbol paper to choose symbols for their rain stick
  4. Practice drawing symbols -- can use pastels on black paper
  5. Paint rain sticks brown
  6. Set aside to dry
  7. Use acrylic paint to paint on symbols using small paint brushes


©   Deborah Padrick   2001