Sponge Painting Around a Leaf

Materials: Instructions:
  1. Lay two or more leaves on the white paper. Adhere leaves with double stick tape if needed.
  2. Lay metal mesh screen over the leaves.
  3. Sponge colors around leaves with tempra.
  4. Remove the screen and leaves, and let the painting dry.
  5. When it is dry, take a felt marking pen and trace around the leaves. Add the veins for the leaves.
  6. Mount on colored construction paper. Photos may be placed in the white leaf space.
Poem - Song

Las Hojitas

Las hojitas, las hojitas
de los arboles se caen,
llega el viento y las levanta
y se ponen a ...

cantar, dormir, correr, comer, etc.


©   Deborah Padrick   2001