Times Tables Books

Marilyn C. Dey
St. John the Baptist School, Healdsburg

Subjects: Science, Math, and Art. This activity combines a space science unit and a multiplication math unit with Art.

Materials: Procedure:
  1. Assign each group one of the tables to do and have the children decide which facts each will do.
  2. Using the fact 4x5=20 as the example, paint four groups of five shapes with a sponge. It is important that the groups are distinct so the picture is clear and avoids being confused with any other problem that equals 20.
  3. Using the paint brush, paint the number fact 4x5=20 at the bottom of the page.
  4. Make one page for each of the facts.
  5. Have each group make a cover for their book.
  6. Put all the pages aside to dry.
  7. Collect the dry pages in order, punch holes, and bind the books.
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