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About the Art Demonstration Project

The Demonstration Project will provide a program of arts instruction and a demonstration venue for teachers from neighboring districts and the public to observe classroom arts education and extra-curricular production of a musical. Artist/coordinator Deborah Padrick will provide to participants a classroom lesson art manual and an opportunity to visit classroom art sessions.

Participants will receive a mentoring visit at their site by the artist-in-residence when they teach lessons in the classroom. An introduction and orientation to the project provided teachers with hands-on experiences with process and tools. The State of California has a new set of Visual and Performing Arts Framework and Arts Standards for classroom education. The orientation meeting will include discussion of the new Arts Standards, curriculum ideas and adaptations.

A second, mid-year, participants' meeting will evaluate the Demonstration Project for the California Arts Council, share ideas and create an art show for Public Schools Week.

Finally, an opportunity will be available for administrators of participating and neighboring school districts to discuss the new Visual and Performing Arts Framework and Arts Standards.

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